Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance

Musical | 2 Acts | 8+ Actors

LORI:  “Back off!” Mom, your slogan’s gone viral.
CLAIRE:  That doesn’t sound good.
LORI:  It’s great!


Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance is a coming-of-age musical comedy-drama about four seniors who plot to regain control of their finances and escape the Alpine Retirement Home.

A newcomer upsets the status quo, unleashing repressed desires and igniting conflict between staff and residents and their adult children. These struggles, and their dreams for their futures, create a bond between four of the Home’s residents – Claire, Alice, Hal and Nelly. They embark on a journey that forces them to wrestle with the power of choice and its consequences, and that challenges stereotypes about age, love, family, friendship … and freedom.

Reviews and Feedback:

The energy and joy which flows off that stage must be experienced to be believed…. It’s unique, it’s good, and it must be selling like hotcakes. — Mooney on Theatre

It’s lots of fun as well as raising issues in a sensitive and thoughtful way. I think my favourite song was “Senior Romance Can Be Awkward.” Congrats on your sold-out run! — audience member

We really really enjoyed your play. It was very joyful with many funny lines and scenes. We particularly liked the “Apparently We’re Not Here” song, very clever. — audience member

Congrats on Patrons’ Pick and such grit to bring that story to life. We need more narratives representing that age group. Thank you for that. — audience member

Well, that was a treat! Entertaining and fun, with enough truth mixed in to make it deeper. Congratulations on another hit! — audience member

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Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance (Watercourse Theatre) 2019 Toronto Fringe Review

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2019 Toronto Fringe Festival Toronto ON (Patrons’ Pick)

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